Michelle R. Miller

Certified Mediator, Licensed Real Estate Broker, Teacher and School Administrator

MEDLA MEDIATION SERVICES helps mediate family and/or divorce disputes.  We are highly qualified and impartial, we value the best interests of any children involved, promote decision-making through self-determination, and we assist in the mediation process by exploring options, encouraging mutual understanding, and focusing on participants' common interests.  

Michelle has been a certified teacher and school administrator in the Chicago area since 1997, and has two certificates in Mediation, specializing in Family and Divorce Mediation.  She has enjoyed working with children for the past 20 years, and has two wonderful children of her own.  She has been a single mother for over 12 years, and has first-hand experience with the divorce process, the mediation process, and the economical and emotional stresses associated with it.

Michelle entered into the mediation field because she wanted to help clients work through their problems in a more positive way by increasing positive communication, reducing costs and emotional stresses, and encouraging decision-making that promotes the best interests of any children involved.